Family owned company founded in 1885 by Ippolito Masoni, first opened an artisan bakery in Colle Val d’Elsa in the region of Tuscany. From there he and his wife Petronilla Razzi managed the bakery during the Great War, where the Petronilla's bakery helped feed the soldiers who battled at the front. The end of the Great War in the 1920’s created new opportunities of growth in the Val d’Elsa area. The Masoni Company managed to enhance and expand their production of products, with the support of Giuseppina, wife of Giovanni, called "Nanni", one of Ippolito and Petronilla's children, who decided to keep and pursue his parent's activity. The company grew along with the skills, knowledge and immense enthusiasm for their craft in producing ancient Sienese sweets. 1990 marked the beginning of a new chapter and priding themselves on becoming the pivotal figures of its recent history they created the Masoni Company, motivated to provide the finest quality products.

Panforte is a cake that discloses the ancient history through an astonishing blend of different flavours. There is a continuous search for balance between the use of the right ingredients, their processing, and the combination of each element. Masoni have always chosen, natural ingredients provided by trusted suppliers only using almonds, pure chocolate and candied orange, citron and melon, true to the most ancient tradition. Panforte is a traditional delicacy from Tuscany that typically contains fruit and nuts. Panforte can be enjoyed with a coffee or wine at the end of a meal. 

The panforte Margherita was prepared for the first time in 1879 when Queen Margherita visited Siena to see Palio. It was the occasion to present a Panforte that better mirrored the evolution of the taste and preference of consumers.


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