Terre Rosse

A close bond between the land its finest product - Olive Oil, the Ciampetti's family believe that producing the extra virgin olive oil Terre Rosse is an expression of their culture. It values traditions, principles and passion for the land and what it produces. Mario Ciampetti, has always believed that there must be respect for the soil and its fruits which is why Terre Rosse Extra Virgin Olive Oil has the 2010 biodynamic certification.

The family is respectful to the land which allows them to produce high quality extra virgin olive oil which is defined by many different fragrances which is found in the olives. Located on Spello's hills close to the Vallegloria Monastry, in the region of Umbria, Italy. The olive trees are located on Hispellum farms which is reported that there are trees up to 1000 years old. Providing a very high sun concentration with rich red stone, idea conditions to develop excellent quality oil with natural anti-oxidants - all grown without chemicals. 

Olives are hand picked and then loaded in aired containers and brought to the mill where are stored prior to the pressing away from heat in a temperature between 14 and 20 degrees. The pressing is usually performed within 9 hours from the  harvest in cold conditions, and then stored in stainless steel containers, in a modified environment (Nitrogen). 


June 25, 2015 by Il Providore (Main Login)
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