Caffe Parana

The history of coffee has been documented as early as the tenth century AD and entered the European market in the 17th Century, where the popularity of coffee became widespread. Coffee was first introduced in the Italian City of Venice. Visiting Italy and enjoying a true ‘espresso in a bustling bar is one of the unique experiences enjoyed by all Italians. Caffè Paranà is a full bodied and strong tasting coffee, available in a variety of packaging options; perfect for restaurants and cafes, or simply as a retail item.

For years, Caffè Paranà focuses on exporting traditional Italian coffee across the world. Tradition and wisdom are the only few key areas of the success that the company has achieved. The company is managed under the Giannelli Group which has arisen from the experience and professionalism of a family that for generations makes and distributes high-quality products. 


June 25, 2015 by Il Providore (Main Login)
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