Cantine Losito


The story of organic winery Cantine Losito begins with Giovanni Losito, a passionate vine grower, who after returning from the Second World War planted vineyards across Puglia. In 1960, a year after the birth of his first son Leonardo, Giovanni finally decided to settle in Terre del Gargano of the Northern region of Puglia, a well-suited area for the cultivation of grapes.

For over the next 30 years, with his son by his side, Giovanni mastered the technique of harvesting large yields of perfect table grapes. Leonardo, who inherited his father's passion and experience, decided to take it one step further by studying a degree in oenology (wine making).

It was Leonardo that changed the direction of Cantine Losito, convincing his father that they should focus solely on the quality of grapes. At first, Giovanni detested the idea. He thought it was crazy to consider giving up high yields in favour of better quality grapes, especially in an infamous territory and without a winery.

Eventually, Giovanni came around to the idea. In 1989 the duo converted the vineyards by replacing rows of common grape types, with spur pruned cordon vines and excellent local wine grape varieties. Five years later, 1994, the first winery was built, and Cantine Losito started to bottle high-quality wines, which they sold in bulk to wineries. In 1997, Leonardo made the decision to convert to organic farming, to produce healthier wines. It was not until 2015 that the company showed themselves directly to consumers.

Today Leonardo's son, who carries his grandfather's name, Giovanni, is making his mark on the family company. As well as, like his father, obtaining a degree in oenology, Giovanni is making his contributions with fresh skills, continuous research, experimentation, and awareness of the new dynamic of the industry. Giovanni's father and grandfather work with him to pass on the experience of over 65 years in the industry.

The estates most distinguished organic wines include Losito Fiano IGP, Losito Nero Di Troia IGP, Losito Primitivo IGP, and Losito Cabernet Sauvignon IGP.


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