The story of Oliviero begins back in the 20th century, when their ancestors made use of Irpinia’s natural products which started the nougat production. Irpinia is a region of the Apennine Mountains around Avellino, a town in Campania, South Italy about 40 km east of Naples. Ospedaletto d’Alpinolo lies at the foot of the Montevergine, dominating the city of Avellino. The ‘Fontana del Tritone’ is the monument symbol, it’s situated in Demanio square and has been built at the beginning of the 900’s by local stone-cutters.

Oliviero FactoryOliviero has dedicated themselves purely driven by passion to create an extensive range of products to satisfy the tastes of customers. Crumbly nougats, soft nougats, almond brittle, chocolate eggs (Easter eggs) in various tastes, chocolate covered hazelnuts and almonds.

The production and promotion of their nougat is carried out using a combination of traditional and modern day technology. This principal type of Irpinia confectionery was originally distributed at local festivals held in the village square.

The Oliviero family maintains the teachings of their ancestors, to continue maintaining the artisan tradition using modern technologies. Carrying professionalism and many years of experience has resulted in an unmatched quality and satisfaction.


June 18, 2015 by Il Providore (Main Login)
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