Ham, Fontina & Rosemary Risotto

Servings: 4 | Preparation Time: 20min | Cooking Time: 35min

90ml Labbate DOP Extra Virgin Olive Oil, plus extra to serve
1 onion, finely chopped
1 garlic clove, crushed
200g ham off the bone, finely chopped
2 tbsp finely chopped rosemary
500g Riso Margherita Vialone Nano 
1.5L hot chicken stock 
100g Fontina, diced
50g parmesan, finely grated
1 cup flat-leaf parsley, coarsely chopped (loosely packed)

1. Heat half the oil in a frying pan over medium heat, add onion and garlic, stir occasionally until translucent (5-7 minutes), add ham and rosemary, cook until tender (3-5 minutes), then set aside.
2. Heat remaining oil in a saucepan over medium heat, add rice and stir until rice is too hot to touch, but not coloured (2-4 minutes).
3. Bring stock to the boil, pour over rice, season to taste, stir to combine. Cover the mixture, reduce the heat to low and cook without stirring (15-20 minutes). Extra stock can be added as necessary.
3. Add Fontina, parmesan and ham mixture, stir well until cheese melts and mixture is creamy (1-2 minutes). Season to taste, stir through parsley and serve hot, drizzled with olive oil.

Source: Gourmet Traveller

February 18, 2019 by Il Providore (Main Login)
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