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Mussini Balsamico di Modena IGP "Passione" 500ml


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Balsamic Vinegar produced from the region of Emilia-Romagna. Acteco Balsamico di Modena IGP is produced following strict regulations as required by the IGP Production Regulations using only the strongest grape wine must. Once these have been properly measured they are left to mature in barrels for a period of no less than 3 years. I.G.P. guarantees that the product is made from grape varietals typical of Modena (Albana, Ancellotta, Fortana. Lambrusco, Montuni, Sangiovese, and Trebbiano), though the grapes can be from anywhere and only need to be processed in Modena.

Ideal on: season vegetables, marinated or grilled meats, soups and consommé with vegetables.